Monday, January 6, 2014

A Great Year

As of January 3, 2014, I am officially three months seizure-free!! Words cannot describe the happiness that I feel by reaching this important milestone in my battle with Epilepsy. My health is stable for the first time in years, and I am ready to face this next semester of college and prepare for France this summer!
2013 was an amazing year for me. I know it sounds crazy given that I had brain surgery, but I was finally able to get the answers that I had been searching for after two years. Not only was I able to watch myself grow as a person, but I also overcame obstacles that I didn't think I could make it through. 2013 was a year for the record books.
I have had some incredible people in my life that I would like to thank. My Neurologist who went the extra mile to help me when she had tried everything to eliminate my seizures; she really took an interest in my case and referred me to my Epileptologist. My Epileptologist immediately helped me on my journey to pursue brain surgery by setting me up for the tests to see if i was eligible for brain surgery - he later referred me to my amazing Neurosurgeon. My Neurosurgeon helped ease my fears of brain surgery and did an incredible job with my surgery. 
Along with the Doctor's, I have some inspirational people in my life that have gotten me through my rough times: Amanda (multiple brain surgery's and is still strong today), and Amy (a cavernous malformation the size of a golf ball that required surgery). Without them,  I wouldn’t have thought that my feelings were normal and that I’m not alone.
Here's to 2014!! 


  1. Audrey you are such a doll. I am so proud of what a strong woman you are. Reading this brought a tear to my eye, because I think that anyone that has gone through this or is going through this will say the the emotional side of this way surpasses the pain part. But with the support of friends and family is what will get you through it. But I do have to agree meeting the others that have gone through it is really what makes you feel much more normal. Which is a huge thing more than others will know. Im glad we met when we did think the timing was meant to be. Know I love you and always here for you. Stay the strong positive girl I know you are.

  2. Audrey, you are and always have been a very special child and now an adult. It takes that strong person inside each of us that we never know we have until we hit a wall. You have shown you climbed that wall. Never forget the Lord loves you and so does your family. Love you